Welcome! Great to have you over!


You can set off great hikes directly from HÜLA. "Bergbauweg", "Bauernhofweg", Königsforst or Wahner Heide - just to name of few.

In order to train your calves, bikes can be leased from us as well.


We are happy to share our suggestions - such as beautiful little restaurants and beer gardens, hidden cafes, trips to Cologne (20 km away) or the region, farmer markets, canoeing, wellness, massages...

So who are we?

We are Andrea & Helmut - originally from the franconian region as well as from Frankfurt/Main, but now located in beautiful Rösrath-Hoffnungsthal and its enchanting surroundings. We have fallen in love with the region of "Bergisches Land" and have made a long-lived dream come true: Our own house with a large garden and a natural swimming pond. This is where we want to live and relish our life with its beautiful moments - something we'd like to share with our guests.


We are happy to have you over!