June 2020


Open garden 2020



So grateful for all the visitors interested in our garden, our dream of gardening, the swimming pond, the tiny house.

It was a pleasure to share our garden with all of you on 3 sunny Sundays in June 2020.

From our heart, thank you so much!



July 2019


Garden magic 



My 90 seconds fame on television...



End of February 2019


Garden magic 



"February was over before I even noticed it, I was so busy preparing cold frames... Who claims that February in the countryside is dull, dreary and lazy? Here, at any rate, it was the brightest and quickest, and its mild days allowed me to make good progress with digging and fertilizing and to fill my rooms with snowdrops. The longer I live, the greater my respect and affection for fertilizer of all kinds grows, and already, although the year is young, I have spent a considerable part of the garden budget on artificial fertilizer. The grim one says that he has never met a young woman who spends her money this way; I noticed that it must be pleasant to have an original woman, to which he replied that the word "original" did not apply to me, the word I was looking for was rather eccentric."


Elisabeth von Arnim, 1898



December 2018


New top member of the Board 



Our new reception committee, our feel-good manager, our reason for sleepless nights, our heart warmer, the one we want to cuddle and kiss all day long:


The one and only V I D A (born 30.09.2018)




December 2018


Private Garden Opening 2019 


The effect garden visiting can have on mental wellbeing is heartening and I encourage anyone who would like an escape from their busy life to visit one of the gardens at in June and September 2019.

We'll be taking part on 2. and 9. June 2019 and 15.September 2019. You are welcome to join and feel happier after visiting.



November 2018


Pre Christmas seasonal thinking 


"Twenty-five years ago, Christmas was not the burden that it is now.

There was less haggling and weighing, less quid pro quo, less fatigue

of body, less wearing of soul, and, most of all, there was less loading

up with trash.


- Meredith Deland in Harper's Bazaar, 1904


October 2018


We have been awarded by AirBnB with the status superhost in October 2018!


With a thankful heart we love to think of all our gentle guests.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)

Retreat 10.-16. June 2019


Brilliant news regarding a new retreat heading your way the upcoming year at our neighbors place.

This is an invitation to focus on yourself and achieve another level of mindfulness and wellbeing.


Achtsamkeitstraining Tychota

Zum Sandfeld 2 B

51503 Rösrath-Hoffnungsthal 


Telefon: +49 2205 8945412




All we hear is radio ga ga....


We are on air. Check it out:




We are in a magazine!



Still can't believe Hüla made it into a magazine!


Private Garden Opening 2018


Weekend 16./17. June 2018 +


Weekend 14./15. September 2018